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[IPX-439] (English subbed) On A Business Trip To A Hot Spring Resort, She Has To Share A Room With The Boss She Hates… And He Fucks Her And Makes Her Cum Again And Again – Kana Momonogi

[IPX-439] (English subbed) On A Business Trip To A Hot Spring Resort, She Has To Share A Room With The Boss She Hates… And He Fucks Her And Makes Her Cum Again And Again – Kana Momonogi

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Movie Information:

  • Code: IPX-439
  • Release Date: 2020-02-13
  • Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
  • Studio: IDEA POCKET
  • Label: IPX
  • Tags: Best of 2020, Cuckold, Hot Spring, Sweat
  • Series: Unexpectedly Sharing a Room with My Hated Boss at a Hot Springs Inn on a Business Trip…
  • Actor: Ippei Nakata
  • Actress: Momonogi Kana


Momonogi is a newbie female employee that gets assigned to a business trip with her Senior, Mister Nakata.

She is sort of naive but exceptionally beautiful and the boss Nakata is fully aware of that, but he is also an asshole and has very little patience to deal with her. Something that becomes very obvious from his lack of manners.

In return, she hates the guts of this boss but being encouraged by the boyfriend (who supports her constantly via phone calls) she decides to do her best to pass this trial. Because after all, it’s just for one night…

MY 2 cents.

IPX-439 is a masterpiece and I really enjoyed it. I watched the movie like 3 times already and perhaps it is even my favorite movie this year (so far). Why? Because the drama part was freaking hilarious, and the sex scenes were spot on. Moreover, all the sex scenes had some kind of “surprises” and slight twists that kept me hooked.

The drama part was so well done. Although we have seen this type of argument already many times before (with many variations), but this particular movie nail is so perfectly, in a really interesting way.

It is thanks to the 2 main and only actors (Plus the dude on the phone and the innkeeper), and the tremendously good job they did. Especially the male actor who does the boss. Momonogi will always be pretty, but this dude character was the rage. Then like I say, Momonogi being Momonogi was amazing too. The dialogues were really fun.

The outdoor bits although limited, helped a lot. They were very opportune and really added a lot of value. I expected more hot springs action, but nevertheless what we had was a really good introduction to the following epic sex scenes.

And don’t get me started on the sex scenes! Momonogi killer body + face combo is way too much. Her sweaty body really was so sexy. Much thanks to the really good camera angles.

Much credit goes to the director, who is uncredited here (as far as I know?). But the good man really did an awesome job.

Nuff said. It’s good stuff and the last phonecall scene was a rare final bonus that really made me happy.




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